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A Dream of Angkor

The mysterious temples of Angkor spread over hundreds of square kilometres in the north of Cambodia.

They are the remains of an abandoned metropolis, a mighty empire, and a glorious civilization.

Angkor Wat, the wonder of the world, is the most famous temple in Angkor.

The Angkor Archaeological Park is only a poor copy, fast food for tourists in a hurry.


Ancient Angkor at first hand

I am Reinhart, living in Siem Reap since 2000, roaming the temples, reading about research, guiding and instructing tour-guides. More.


Preparations for your journey to the temples


The unsurpassed Angkor Map PDF

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Gain an overview. Know where you are.


A New Guide to Angkor E-Book

The most comprehensive and updated Angkor guidebook.


Temple talks with Reinhart

An individual introduction on the eve of your trip.


Guided Tour to Koh Ker - Angkor in the Nutshell



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